UrbanTwinTrain can be especially relevant and effective in the conditions of a world pandemic COVID-19.

During the quarantine measures, mitigation or theirs cancellation, there is an urgent need to increase the capacity of transport due to the incomplete use of useful space due to compliance with social distance rules, according to which it is necessary to ensure a distance between passengers of about 1-2 meters. The return to normal rhythm after the pandemic and prolonged isolation again leads to a steep increase in passenger traffic. However, the consequences of the current epidemiological situation leave a negative impact in the psychological state of citizens, which subconsciously distance themselves from others.

In any case, UrbanTwinTrain makes it possible to cope with congestion and passenger's safety perfectly.

The effectiveness of UrbanTwinTrain can be estimated in the range from the minimum, when the level of passenger transportation is small due to the imposed measures, and to the maximum, when the number of passengers will increase to the usual level of the classic transport organization scheme, while the increased capacity, comfort, availability of free seats and epidemiological safety of citizens will be provided.

Even now, residents of many cities see how much the smog level and car noise has decreased during the pandemic. On the streets it became quiet, easier to breathe and safer due to the lack of passing cars. However, after lifting the restrictions cars can fill the streets again, thereby worsening the environment. Even electric cars produce external noise, harmful emissions from wear of tires, suspension of dust over the road.

The only way to improve the environment by removing cars from the streets is to transfer passengers to the safe, spacious and comfortable public transport.