UrbanTwinTrain on the basis of urban rail transport is rather attractive for big cities, especially for metropolis. Solves public transport problems

Success of UrbanTwinTrain is due to the following key factors


Increased carrying capacity. The carrying capacity of UrbanTwinTrain is carried out by doubling the trains and their parallel/sequential movement.


Travelling in a traffic flow with minimal impact on other participants of the traffic. 

- at intersections with heavy cross-traffic, trams move in pairs along both tracks, occupying a minimum of places and, due to this, also creating no obstacles to traffic flow;
- at intersections with non-intensive cross-traffic, oncoming pairs of trams passed without creating significant obstacles to other transport due to its small number.


Accessible fare. The convenience of UrbanTwinTrain lies in the fact that travel around the city takes place quite quickly, and there is no need to find a parking space, pay for it, as well as there is no service obligations for the maintenance of a personal car. The availability of the cost of travel tickets repeatedly benefits compared to the cost of using a personal car.


Aesthetics.  Firstly, modern public rail transport is beautiful and attracts eyes, and secondly, the isolation of the tracks from other transport gives the urban landscapes spatial freedom. Moreover, comfortable salons, panoramic windows and smooth travelling make the trip in the car akin to an exciting excursion.


Pedestrian safety. Thanks to a predictable and constant trajectory, rail transport is the safest land transport.



Maximum comfort - is due to the almost constant availability of free seating because of the large capacity of UrbanTwinTrain.


Convenience of passengers boarding and disembarking due to the use of two stops at the same time. The system independently determines that the most free tram should be sent to the busiest platform. As a result, the trams in the group are uniformly loaded, excluding cramping or, conversely, low loading. Complete modernization of public transport.


High speed due to priority traffic at intersections. The arrangement of intersections by priority travel systems by the groups of UrbanTwinTrain trams in its high-speed and transport characteristics makes similar UrbanTwinTrain to the subway.

Application of UrbanTwinTrain. Public transport optimization

UrbanTwinTrain allows to increase significantly the capacity of passenger traffic and unload public roads. For example, if the number of cars on the roads of the metropolis increases by 50%, then traffic jams from the level of 3-4 points grow by 8-10 points, which will lead to the collapse of the transport system! At the same time, UrbanTwinTrain will transport these additional 100% of passengers with minimal influence on other road users.

At the same time, UrbanTwinTrain is able to unload the city from traffic and traffic jams due to its large capacity and priority movement at intersections.

Especially, UrbanTwinTrain is effective for connecting the suburbs with the city center. In this case, there is no need for intercepting parking for cars, there is no loss of time for transfers.